John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

The Situation

The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum held a special exhibit about World War II. Called Service & Sacrifice, this collection highlighted the lesser-known stories of those who served.

The Answer

Using the stars and stripes as a background, we weaved the colors through our photography to imply that these stories are part of the American fabric of history. And as an iconic graphic device, it instantly reads as our flag.

The Ask

Our objective was twofold: first, make an event that happened eighty-years ago seem relevant to today’s conversation; and, drive attendance to the museum. We met with the museum curator as well as staff in the marketing and communications departments. They shared the vision of the exhibit with us. We identified common threads in narrative to join the two periods of time: history and today.

The Results

While the exhibition continues to welcome visitors, we do not have final numbers of how our campaigned performed. Our clients, however, were so taken with our idea and work that they asked us to concept and produce television for them. So, we take that as a very happy client.

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