Myprotein Brand

The Overview

Myprotein is a UK based supplement brand founded in 2004, that was looking to drive awareness in the US. They are best known to be the source of protein, supplements and apparel for intense, daily hard-core gym goers.

But they wanted to expand their reach to be more inclusive of all levels of physical activity beyond the weight room, so they tapped Troup to help them accomplish that.

Using a combination of footage from the UK, stock, and an uplifting music track, we delivered two versions of online video that ran on Hulu, NBC and their affiliates.

The Results

This brand video delivered 9.2 million impressions, and video completion rates were 13% points higher than industry standard to equal a 98% completion rate. It also superseded Hulu’s completion rate by 2% points. And on YouTube, the video view percentage was 20% higher than benchmark for skippable ad.

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