SelvaRey Rum

The Situation

The rum category needed some flair injected
into it….Rum was previously all substance, 
with no style. Then Bruno got into it.

The Ask

Bruno Mars needed a redesign of his 
rum brand, SelvaRey. After winning eleven Grammy Awards, his brand grew. His rum needed 
to keep pace with his elevated status. 
The assignment was to redesign his rum brand from logo up through packaging 
and activations.

The Answer

We took Bruno and his team through an entire design exploration. They explored every aspect 
of building a rum brand. It began with a new 
logo and expanded to type treatments and 
even involve creating and presenting 50 
Toucan samples. They scrutinized different 
corks, metals and searched the world over for 
a glass manufacturer who could build to the 
Troup design spec, a unique, proprietary carafe. Every detail had to live up to the Bruno aura 
and elevate both brands.

The Results

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